Account Mapping

When setting up an Acodei account, you will designate where Stripe data will go in QuickBooks. For example, you can select an account for Stripe Sales and specify the account where Stripe deposits your earnings. This process is called Account Mapping, ensuring that data is entered into QuickBooks correctly.

Below is an overview of the available accounts that you can select when mapping your Stripe data in Quickbooks using Acodei:

Stripe Sales Account

This is the account where all sales will go. It will appear in your profit and loss account. The Stripe Sales - Acodei product will appear on sales receipts and invoices. Also, you can set up multiple products in the Account Mapping module in your Dashboard. This is a general sales account.

Stripe Refunds Account

This is the account where refunds will be entered. It will appear in your profit and loss account. You will see a product for Stripe Refunds - Acodei on a refund receipt.

Stripe Fees Account

Your chosen profit and loss statement under the designated Fees Account will reflect all Stripe fees, including transaction and other charges. When reviewing a sales receipt, you'll notice the product listed as Stripe Fees - Acodei.

Stripe Payouts Account

Also known as Stripe Deposit Account, this is the bank account into which Stripe deposits your sales proceeds. It can be any type of bank account. For example, your company's checking account.

Stripe Holding Account

Your Stripe Holding Account is a QuickBooks reflection of your Stripe Balance, which you can check anytime through the Stripe Dashboard. By default, we use Undeposited Funds because this allows us to create matching deposits for you. For advanced users on a payment account, you can select other asset accounts.

For more information on the Stripe Holding Account, please refer to this page.

Refund Clearing Account

This is an account we use to clear undeposited funds in the event of a negative payment (withdrawal) by Stripe. You can use any of the ones listed in your Dashboard without any problem.

Basic Product Mapping (Refund)

This is an option that you will have available in the Account Mapping module of your Dashboard. You can toggle this option between yes and no. Each option result is presented below:

  • No: all refunds will be deducted from your sales revenue account linked to your default product.
  • Yes: you will see refunds as a separate line in your income statement for this option.



If you sell a $100 item and refund $50, selecting No will show the sales in your income statement as $50. If you select Yes, you would see Sales as $100 and Refunds as -$50.