Acodei's Refund Policy

Acodei offers refunds in certain situations.

At Acodei, we understand that plans can change. This page shows the circumstances under which we can offer refunds. Please ensure your account remains active (you can switch to a free plan to avoid further charges) and contact our support team for help.

Situations Eligible for Refunds

  • Recent Charge Error: If you were billed for the upcoming month after intending to cancel your subscription, we offer a refund for that charge if reported within 48 hours.
  • No Recent Usage: If you wish to cancel your monthly Acodei plan and have yet to use Acodei based on your Acodei Data Feed, we offer a full refund for the last month of your subscription.
  • Feature Dissatisfaction: If you upgraded for a specific premium feature but found it unsuitable, we can issue a refund within seven days of the upgrade. Please provide feedback on the feature and your reasons for dissatisfaction.

Situations Not Eligible for Refunds

Post-Charge Usage: Refunds are not granted if it's been over 48 hours since your last charge and there's recorded usage on your Acodei Data Feed.

  • Account Disconnection: Refunds cannot be processed if your account is disconnected, and we cannot verify your usage.
  • Processed Historical Pulls: As historical data pulls are one-time services, they are non-refundable. Using your historical data credits from purchasing an annual plan nullifies your ability to get a refund. Please review your settings carefully and ensure that any processed data is correct before ordering.

You can learn more about Acodei's refund obligations by reading our Terms and Conditions.