Adding Custom Features

At Acodei, we understand the diverse landscape of third-party apps utilizing Stripe and the varied accounting preferences across different companies. To address these unique needs, we offer comprehensive custom integration services.

Initial Consultation

When you approach us with a specific requirement, we initiate the process with an in-depth discussion to fully comprehend your needs. This initial call serves as the foundation for devising a tailored solution.

Scope of Work

Following the initial consultation, we meticulously outline the scope of work. This document delineates the estimated number of hours required to fulfill your project requirements. We ensure transparency in our estimates, striving to provide accurate assessments.

Past Custom Projects

Our history of custom integrations encompasses a diverse array of projects, including:

  • Unique Product Mapping: Addressing intricate product mapping scenarios to streamline operations.
  • Stripe Issuing Reconciliation: Ensuring seamless reconciliation processes for Stripe issuing transactions.
  • QuickBooks Metadata Integration: Integrating Stripe metadata seamlessly into QuickBooks documents for enhanced record-keeping.
  • Project Management in QuickBooks: Implementing efficient project management tools within QuickBooks for improved workflow.
  • App Functionality Tweaks: Customizing our app's functionality to suit specific requirements, such as modifying invoice creation while retaining payment creation functionality.

Tailored Solutions

For each custom project, we develop a dedicated instance of our application tailored specifically to your company's needs. Our team diligently modifies the functionality to align with your unique specifications, ensuring a seamless integration experience.


Our rate for custom integrations stands at $150 per hour. We prioritize transparency in pricing and always provide a detailed cost estimate before commencing work. Rest assured, we do not exceed the estimated hours without obtaining prior approval, ensuring clarity and adherence to budgetary constraints.