Basic Product Mapping

Acodei utilizes a robust product mapping system within QuickBooks, enabling accurate tracking and reporting of various transactions. This page outlines the three basic products Acodei creates (Sales, Refunds, and Fees) and how they appear in your receipts. Understanding these basics will equip you to manage your finances effectively and gain valuable insights into your business performance.

What are Products in QuickBooks?

Products represent goods or services sold by your business. When a product is created, you specify which income or expense account you want it to go to Acodei leverages this functionality to categorize and track specific types of transactions within a designated account. This allows for detailed reporting and a clear understanding of income and expenses.

Basic Products Created by Acodei

Acodei creates three basic products for mapping your accounts during the onboarding process:

  • Sales: Displayed as Stripe Sales - Acodei
  • Refunds: Displayed as Stripe Refunds - Acodei
  • Fees: Displayed as Stripe Fees - Acodei


Products creation

We only create these products if the you go through the onboarding process. Otherwise, you need to create their products and link them to an account of your choice.

Acodei's product mapping functionality is flexible. You can create dedicated products for specific needs, such as tax tracking, Stripe Connect, or Stripe Capital transactions. To learn how to create new products, check out this page.


Non-taxable products

If you add your own products, make sure to mark them as non-taxable. Even if the product you sell is taxable, Acodei does not process taxable amounts using the tax status of a product.