Basics Before Starting

The following information contains basic concepts that will help you take advantage of Acodei, including information about test environments (and how to set them up), connections Acodei uses, as well as some helpful definitions.


Acodei has two environments available for you to use:

Test Environment

In this environment, you can test all the functionalities of our application using the test stores we have available for you.

You can access the Test Environment at You can access more information about how to use the environment by accessing the available instructions here.

Live Environment

In this environment, you will be able to integrate all your company's real data and start customizing the functionalities we have for you.

The Live Environment is available at: The instructions to use the Live environment are available here.


The sandbox is an isolated test environment that enables running Acodei applications using dummy data.

To access QuickBooks sandbox accounts for testing purposes, you can join the Test Environment by following these instructions. These accounts are continuously updated with data by Acodei, which provides a genuine experience of previewing the Acodei application. This allows you to perform all the necessary testing with ease.


Connections are third-party companies that have a running integration with Acodei's system. Currently, Acodei works through the connection of two base platforms:


To start using Acodei, you need to add your QuickBooks account to synchronize your transaction information. Please note that once you have linked your subscription to a QuickBooks company, you cannot switch it to another QBO company. However, you can add additional companies to your Acodei account and manage them separately. If you need to pause the synchronization or manage your linked companies, you can do so from within the Acodei dashboard. To ensure seamless synchronization, please ensure that your QuickBooks Online subscription remains valid throughout your usage of Acodei.


You can connect an unlimited number of Stripe accounts to Acodei. In addition, you can pause or disconnect an account if you wish.


New connections

We are always exploring adding connections from other sources for your transactions. If you have a payment provider you'd like to see connected to QuickBooks, let us know.

Transaction Status

In Acodei's Data Feed module, you can view all transactions originating from Stripe and passed to QuickBooks. These transactions may have three different statuses:

  • Synced: The transaction has been synchronized and added correctly to QuickBooks.
  • In Progress: The transaction is in the queue; the process may take up to a minute.
  • Not Synced: A synchronization error has occurred. For more information, please review this page (link).