Customer Data

Customer data syncing through Acodei's functionality is crafted to integrate customer information between Stripe and QuickBooks platforms seamlessly. This ensures consistency and accuracy of customer data across both systems, streamlining financial management and record-keeping processes.

Customer Management Settings

When importing customer data, our initial step is to try using the Customer Name field in Stripe. If that's unavailable, we attempt to use the name from the Billing section. The first decision you need to make is whether to sync individual names or use a default customer name. If you opt to sync individual names, we'll prioritize the customer name field in Stripe, falling back on the billing name if necessary. In cases where neither name is available, you'll have three options, which can be accessed on your Acodei Dashboard under Account Mapping>Customer Management:

  1. Create a customer using an email address;
  2. Use a default name of your choice or;
  3. Leave the customer name empty.



Please note that we do not currently access names stored in Stripe metadata.

Customer Creation and Matching

There are four key points to understand how customer data syncing works in Acodei:

  • Exact Name Matching
    Acodei's system automatically links customer records when the name in Stripe precisely matches a name in QuickBooks. This process eliminates duplication and maintains data integrity. Notably, in Stripe, the name should be in the Name field of the Customer Object, while in QuickBooks, Acodei utilizes the Customer Display Name field.
  • Handling Name Discrepancies
    If a corresponding customer is absent in QuickBooks, Acodei automatically generates a new customer entry. This feature prevents the omission of customer records and guarantees comprehensive financial tracking.
  • Creating New Customers
    Our system relies on exact name matching, so Stripe names should precisely match a QuickBooks customer name. When a slight discrepancy exists, a new customer will be created. We recommend adjusting a customerโ€™s name in Stripe or QuickBooks to ensure data fidelity.


Sync Problems

If you have set up syncing and wish to view customer names in QuickBooks but cannot see them, you can adjust your code in Stripe or modify your Customer Management settings. Afterward, go to the Data Feed module, select the transactions, and utilize the action dropdown to resynchronize the data.



QuickBooks does not allow a Customer and Vendor to have the same name. If we detect a customer that cannot be created because a vendor of the same name exists, we will create the customer and add โ€˜-Cโ€™ to the end of the name to denote that it is a customer.