Dashboard Modules

After completing the Onboarding checklist, you will have access to the Acodei Dashboard. From there, you can configure your connections and account mapping. Here, we tell you what you will find in each module of the Dashboard.


This is the first module in the left-side menu. Here, you will find a quick overview of your account status. You will see the status of your connections, your Acodei subscription, and the latest transactions in your account.

Account Mapping

Here, you will find everything related to Stripe transaction mapping and how you want it to be imported into QuickBooks.

In addition, you will be able to view and configure Acodei's premium features here. We talk about each of those features here.

Data Feed

In this section, you will see all the transactions made through your Stripe account and saved in QuickBooks. You can search for transactions by name or id, as well as apply date and status filters.

If required, from this module you can remove transactions from the QuickBooks register or resynchronize them, in case of a synchronization problem.

You can also make historical data pulls, using the blue button on the top right.


In this module, you can turn off, delete, or change your QuickBooks connection. You can also turn off, disconnect, or add Stripe connections. Remember that you can add unlimited Stripe accounts.

User Guide

This tab will redirect you to our documentation. That is, to this portal, where you can consult the use and management of Acodei.


In this section, you have a direct form to request help from our Support Team if you wish.

Company Management

This module is divided into two top tabs:

  • In the Billing tab, you will see everything related to your Acodei subscription and your payment details.
  • In the User Management tab, you will see your team's users. This functionality varies depending on the plan you have.