Managing Multiple Bank and Stripe Accounts

With Acodei, you can connect multiple Stripe accounts and customize how each account is tracked according to your company's specific requirements. This advanced functionality is accessible through our paid plans, which unlock features like "Multiple Deposit Accounts" and "Multiple Holding Accounts," allowing for greater flexibility and control over your financial data.

Multiple Deposit Accounts

To activate this feature, navigate to the "Premium Features" section within Acodei. This functionality permits you to assign each Stripe account to a distinct payout account, typically a checking account. Specifying the pairing of each Stripe account with its corresponding payout account is essential, ensuring that the payouts from different Stripe accounts are deposited into separate accounts per your preferences.

Multiple Holding Accounts

Reconciling Stripe balances with your QuickBooks asset accounts is crucial for accurate balance sheet reporting. With the "Multiple Holding Accounts" feature, also found under "Premium Features," Acodei can monitor each Stripe balance independently. This ensures precise tracking and reconciliation, facilitating better financial management and reporting accuracy.
For those seeking to leverage these advanced features, further information about holding accounts can be found in our guide in the Stripe Holding Account page. These enhanced capabilities underscore Acodei's commitment to providing robust and flexible financial integration solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of your business.