Mismatch Caused by Missing Data

One prevalent issue encountered in payout processing stems from missing data. Payouts encompass transactions from various dates; for instance, a payout dated January 10th may include transactions spanning January 6th to January 8th. Consequently, if you begin using Acodei on January 9th, a mismatch may occur due to the absence of data for the January 10th payout. Acodei doesn't automatically retrieve data for all dates within a payout.


Error Message

This mismatching error is indicated within the data by the following message: "This would create a mismatch in QuickBooks due to the missing data."

To resolve this issue, you can order historical data for a particular month through the Acodei Data Feed by clicking the Pull Historic Data button on the upper right.

If you only want to sync a few specific payouts and have a paid plan, message us through your account, and we'll sync any unsynced payouts with this error for free.

Payouts always include data from a previous time period, so it's common to have unsynced payouts with this error. For example, a payout from January 1st might include data from late December. If you're not sure how to handle a payout from the current year that includes data from the previous year, it's best to talk to a CPA. One way to avoid this issue is to use a different account to hold your transaction data instead of an Undeposited Fund.