In this section, we'll explore Acodei's advanced features. We'll show you what each one does, how to activate it, and the various settings it offers. This is to help you decide on the ideal configuration for your business. These features are available in Acodei's paid plans.

  • Daily Summary: Optimize your transaction processing with our Daily Summary feature, consolidating data into manageable daily summaries to reduce the processing load on both Acodei and QuickBooks.
  • Class Tracking: Organize your financial data granularly by assigning classes to your products, facilitating comprehensive tracking and analysis of your business activities.
  • Multiple Product Mapping: Customize your income tracking by mapping sales to multiple accounts in QuickBooks, providing visibility into various revenue streams for effective financial analysis.
  • Invoice Sync: Seamlessly synchronize invoices generated in Stripe with your QuickBooks account, ensuring accurate accounts receivable management and simplifying invoice tracking and reconciliation processes.
  • Stripe Tax (Beta): Now, Acodei users with a paid plan can access our beta testing for sales tax support, allowing automatic tax tracking and reporting within Acodei, streamlining your tax accounting processes, and ensuring compliance.