In this section, we will explore the basic functionalities of Acodei. Designed to enhance your understanding of our application, this section aims to guide you through its operation and help determine the optimal configuration for your business based on your specific needs.

  • Stripe Holding Account: Understand what the Stripe Holding Account is, which account we use by default in Acodei, and what other options you have for funds waiting to be deposited into your account.
  • Document Creation in QuickBooks: Learn about the types of documents that Acodei generates in QuickBooks, depending on the settings you configure in our application.
  • Basic Products Mapped: We show you how to visualize the basic products that Acodei creates and maps in QuickBooks.
  • Product Creation in QuickBooks: If you need to create additional products besides the basic ones seen in the previous section, we guide you through the process in this section.
  • Customer Data: Discover the different ways you can store and view customer information.
  • Duplicate Data Protection: Learn how to protect your account against potential duplicate data in QuickBooks to maintain optimal accounting records.