Pending Payment or ACH

Stripe handles ACH payments differently than credit cards. With a credit card, payment succeeds or fails, and settlement into your balance happens instantaneously. Per the Stripe documentation, with ACH payment, we have to wait four days for success or failure to appear.


Error Message

This mismatching error is indicated within the data by the following message: "This payout contains a pending payment. Once the payment is completed, the payout will sync. A delayed ACH payment typically causes this."

Practically speaking, from Acodei's perspective, this means that we can only sync a payout once the ACH has succeeded or failed. So, you may see a payout that has not synced as we await the ACH status.

Once we receive a webhook from Stripe about the status of the ACH contained in the payout, we will be able to sync the payout. The payout should automatically trigger to sync once we receive the notice from Stripe.