Tax Applied - Product

Another frequent issue leading to unsynchronized payouts involves handling sales tax on products within QuickBooks.

While QuickBooks offers features to apply taxes to transactions, and Acodei is equipped to capture tax data from Stripe, aligning these functionalities requires some adjustments. When tax is applied, the total amount on sales receipts may exceed the payout received from Stripe.


Error Message

The following message indicates this error in the data: "This deposit does not match the Stripe payout amount ... #3. You have sales tax enabled on QuickBooks".

In most situations for US-based companies, you can resolve this by taking the following actions:

  1. Go to the "Products and Services" page in QuickBooks.
  2. Ensure that all of the products you use for Acodei are listed as "Nontaxable" and do not have the "Taxable" check mark.
  3. Return to the Acodei Data Feed, resync your sales and refunds, and then payouts. If you are on a paid plan, please message us, and we can resync in bulk on your behalf.



Acodei captures sales tax from Stripe but doesn't use QuickBooks' sales tax functionality to avoid confusion. Instead, we add sales tax as a line item on the sales receipt or the bank deposit.

For Canadian companies and other worldwide companies with required VAT and utilizing QuickBooks tax tracking status, we continue to build the functionality around tax. Please refer to the section VAT for non-US Companies for advice on this error.