Transactions Stuck on "In Progress"

Normal Queue

Typically, real-time transactions Acodei receives from Stripe are pushed through our queue quickly. However, sometimes, transactions become stuck due to an error from QuickBooks or a high volume of transactions. If you see a transaction stuck on "In Progress" for an extended period, please email us at [email protected], and we will resolve it for you.

Historical Data Pull

The rate at which we can process historical data depends on various factors. If you are making a large historical data request, you can anticipate that we will sync approximately 500 transactions per hour. Depending on your place in line and the activity of the transaction queue, we may process more or less.

During the historical pull process, you are likely to see “In Progress” for all transactions. Please let us know if data hasn’t synced along the above timeline guidelines.

Payouts are always the last thing to sync in a historical pull. If you order 12 months of data, we will attempt to push all sales receipts and refund receipts to QuickBooks before matching them up for a deposit.