Uncommon Transaction Mapping

Certain types of Stripe transactions necessitate additional information for proper processing. Examples of these include transactions related to Stripe Capital financing, Stripe Connect transfers, Reserved Funds, Stripe Climate Contributions, and various adjustments like disputes. The range of balance transactions types is extensive and can have implications for payouts.


Error Message

This mismatching error is indicated within the data by the following message: "[Balance transaction type] detected, please turn on [transaction type] in Uncommon Transaction Mapping."

In order to resolve this issue:

  1. Go to the Uncommon Transaction Mapping page, which is accessed through the Account Mapping page.

  2. On the subsequent page, you will be required to add a product for every balance transaction type. For some of these transaction types, like Stripe Capital, you should create a new account in your chart of accounts and a new corresponding product linked to that account. For other transaction types, you may want to map them to an existing product, like Sales or Refunds.

Determining which transaction type will be linked to which product is totally up to you and your accountant. For more information on managing products in QuickBooks, see Multiple Product Mapping.