What is Acodei?

Acodei specializes in the development of cutting-edge financial integration applications. Our primary focus is empowering businesses and accountants by automating their accounting processes, offering a seamless and efficient solution to streamline financial workflows.

Acodei's expertise shines through our flagship product, a robust syncing software designed to facilitate the automated transfer of Stripe data to QuickBooks Online. Over the years, we've proudly assisted thousands of satisfied customers in optimizing their financial management through this seamless integration.

Benefits for Stripe Users

  • Multi-Account Handling: Efficiently manage multiple Stripe accounts with Acodei’s powerful integration capabilities.
  • Real-Time Sync: Stay updated with every sale, refund, and payout thanks to Acodei's real-time synchronization feature.
  • Superior Support: Whether it’s setup or management, our dedicated support team is always ready to help Stripe business users.
  • Detailed Financial Insight: Track both gross revenue and Stripe fees to understand your business activity. Acodei analyzes your financial performance and gains a more accurate portrayal of your business dynamics.

Benefits for QuickBooks Accountants

  • Automated Invoice Matching: Enable invoice sync to generate QuickBooks invoices automatically every time a Stripe invoice is created, with payments reconciled automatically.
  • Stripe to QuickBooks Product Mapping: Reflect the diversity of your Stripe products in QuickBooks with ease using Acodei's product mapping feature.
  • Discounted cost for Accountants: Acodei is currently offering a 20% discount on the cost of their services to accountants who have three or more paid companies.
  • Automated generation of Bank Deposits: Automatically generate bank deposits to correspond with the Stripe payouts, making the task of reconciling payments much easier. This functionality ensures that payment reconciliation is done quickly and accurately, saving time and effort.